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  • Projects from the reel

    Above the Clouds

    Director: Allan Michaut

    30 sec. short film during1st year at TAW. I was Animator while also being the Animation Lead.

    Click the picture to see the video!

    The Last Rainforest

    Director: Line Skroeder

    30 sec. short film during 2nd year at TAW. I was also Animator and Animation Lead.

    Click the picture to see the video!


    Directors: Sarah Jungen and Karsten Hoop

    I had an internship at KASA Studios as an animator. Every frame is hand-painted with watercolor for the final film. If needed I can send a password-protected edit with more animations!

    Click the picture and check out the trailer!


    Director: Sara Holm

    I worked on developing concept animation for an upcoming mixed media short film "Blue" that is still in development. These tests are mainly based on rotoscoping.


    Director: Rikke Planeta

    This is my Bachelor Film where I worked as the Lead Animator. I also worked on story, storyboarding and editing. Check out this film!


    Director: Alexander Snow

    I worked as a colorist on the teaser for "Koji" - a project by Wolfbat Studios. Everything in the first 9 seconds is painted by me. The animation is done by Maxime Delalande.

    Trafalgars Äventyr

    Director: Lowe Haak

    I worked as an animator for a pilot of "Trafalgars Äventyr" at The Danish Filmschool in Copenhagen. The animation was done in Toon Boom.

    School assignments

    The Animation Workshop

    These are just a few of the animation-assignments I have done at TAW during 1st and 2nd year.

    Ulrik's Submarine

    The Animation Workshop

    Stop-motion animation short I worked on together with Chloé Alliez, Violette Delvoye and other people from The Animation Workshop.

    It is a super sweet film done in 4 days, worth checking out!

    The Prodigal Son

    Tod Polson

    While interning at Prodigal Pictures in Thailand I helped Tod Polson on his upcoming animated short film The Prodigal Son.

  • BACCHUS - my making of

    Some of my work as story-developer, editor and animation lead on the short film BACCHUS. (With additional work from "Trafalgars Äventyr")

  • About me

    Amanda Jespersen Holm

    Graduate from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.



    I'm a Danish animator (currently freelancing in London) recently graduated from the The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

    I have always had a passion of working within animation, the thought of (in theory) having endless possibilities is both exiting and scary... and that's why I'm drawn to this medium. And I don't think I'll grow tired of it just yet. 


    I can both animate 2D traditionally on paper, in TVPaint, Toon Boom and 3D in Maya. Due to my drawing skills, sense of timing and solid foundation of the animation principles I'm good at being flexible while sticking to a specific style. My main goal is to continue developing my animation profession while working together with like-minded people in inspiring environments doing great projects!


    Please have a look at my humble website and feel very free to contact me on my email listed below! ... Or check out my tumblr to see more of my personal work.

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